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Our Experience gives us knowledge to We're the lease turn-in repair experts in Oakland County Michigan.

Every leased vehicle in Michigan goes to a lease inspector for a lease turn-in assessment before you turn your vehicle in. Let Dent Patrol perform a pre-lease turn-in inspection on your car’s exterior. Dent Patrol is known for saving its customers hundreds of dollars on necessary repairs. Call us to learn more about our lease turn-in repair services.

Dent Patrol LLC in Lake Orion & Oxford Michigan
Dent Patrol can save you money on your leased vehicle when it’s time to turn it in.

Lease Turn-In Repair Services

By bringing your vehicle to Dent Patrol for a pre-lease turn-in inspection and allowing us to perform repairs before you return the lease, we can save you money. Alternatively, you can return the car “as is” and the leasing company/dealership may charge you a premium rate.

Our lease turn-in repair service is faster and can reduce excessive damage fees charged by the leasing company. Give us a call to learn more or schedule a pre-lease turn-in inspection of your vehicle’s exterior.

With the dealerships, they will make you pay the premium autobody shop rates for repairs and supplies, but with Dent Patrol’s auto lease turn-in repair service you’ll receive a more efficient repair method and SAVE time and money.

Be smart - Save time & money with Dent Patrol

Are you preparing your car for lease return?

Returning an unrepaired lease vehicle at the end of the lease term may result in unexpected charges if wear and tear exceeds what is deemed “normal”. Prior to the lease ending, the dealer/leasing company will schedule a lease turn-in inspection of the vehicle. The lease turn-in inspection is often performed by a 3rd party. Schedule an appointment with Dent Patrol a few weeks before this lease turn-in inspection is done so we can help you know what to expect and how we can help save you from being hit with many of the excessive wear charges.

It is advantageous for the person turning in the lease vehicle to be present during the inspection since what is considered “normal wear and tear” may be somewhat skewed. The cost of any vehicle repairs performed by the dealer/leasing company is usually much more than if the person that leased the car takes the car to a company like Dent Patrol. Dent Patrol provides the highest quality paintless dent repair, as well as many other services that help customers save a considerable amount of money on leased vehicle repair expenses.

Be smart - Save time & money with Dent Patrol

Preparing for turning in your lease vehicle.

The person that leased the car should read the leasing agreement to clarify the type of damage they will be charged for and inspect the vehicle prior to the lease turn-in. All personal items should be removed from the vehicle, and, dents, scratches, bad scuffs, punctures and other blemishes should be repaired. Any items that were in the vehicle at the time the lessee took possession, such as the manual, both key fobs, floor mats and navigation systems, should be returned with the vehicle. Reset any internal electronic data information, such as any destinations saved in the navigation system or linked garage door openers. Furthermore, tires should have at a minimum 1/8 inch of tread and the engine should be inspected for mechanical defects. A professional detailing with Dent Patrol will ensure the car is clean and will often reduce or even eliminate surface scratches. Dent Patrol can handle most exterior aspects of lease turn-in repairs plus interior detailing, and we can do it faster than any dealer or traditional autobody shop, all while saving you money. Call and find out more about our lease-turn-in service in Michigan.

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